About Us

Established in 2006, we are now leading customize jigsaw puzzle manufacturer in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, and with worldwide low cost shipping to all countries.

Puzzlehup is Singapore-Korea Collaboration Registered business (Co. Reg No :53100275J, GeBIZ Registered) which produces unique, personalised, high quality jigsaw puzzles from digital photos or any memorable images sent online by worldwide customers.

We are capable of doing puzzle sizes ranging from 20pcs (4 by 6 Inches) to 4800pcs (40 by 60 Inches), puzzle with frame, magnet puzzle, postcard puzzle, and premium jewellery.

Some of our past customers include:
Youth Olympic Games(YOG)
Nanyang Technological University(NTU)
Institute of Technical Education(ITE)
Secondary School
The Mind Cafe
Holiday Inn
And many other more...

Why Choose PuzzleHup?

Frame features

Puzzle frame protective sheet are not made from glass material .
Hence ensure no more broken pieces on the floor when dropping the frame.

(Experiment done on testing the durability of the protective sheet.)

Printing feature
We invest greatly on printing equipment and high quality paper so as to ensure every order from our customers are of best printing resolution.

Design feature
Designing services are provided by our company’s friendly and professional designer. Order will only proceed when customers are satisfied with our designs.

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